RD Congo: Le prix ‘Matata Ponyo’ pour la bonne gouvernance, créé par l’UNPC

Le prix « Matata Ponyo », créé par l’Union Nationale de la Presse du Congo (UNPC), qui récompense les responsables étatiques faisant preuve de la bonne gouvernance à l’exemple du premier ministre sortant tel que ses fondateurs le soulignent, ne fait cependant pas l’unanimité au sein de la corporation des journalistes. « Matata Ponyo est le symbole de […]


The TOP 24 best universities in the world 2016

24. University of California, Santa Barbara Shutterstock Global score: 81.4 Global research reputation: #61 Publications: #216 Conferences: #228   23. University College London Wikimedia Commons Global score: 81.7 Global research reputation: #22 Publications: #3 Conferences: #141 22. Cornell University Wikimedia Commons Global score: 81.9 Global research reputation: #19 Publications: #26 Conferences: #156 21. University of Toronto Shutterstock Global score: 82 Global research reputation: #20 Publications: #2 Conferences: #68 19. Imperial College […]

Samsung Chromebook Pro review details

By some fortuitous incident, Samsung leaked details of the upcoming Chromebook Pro a few weeks ago. But the Korean tech giant was quick to realize its misstep and immediately took down the product page, much to our chagrin. Thanks to ChromeUnboxed, we now have a new glimpse of all the information about the convertible again. ChromeUnboxed managed […]



The just revealed Xiaomi Mi MIX generated a ton of internet buzz, thanks to its borderless display that allows for the large-screened device to take up a smaller overall footprint. But how does this new display design work when the Mi MIX is compared to other Android phones? The folks at Swedroid have decided to do […]

Android : NUBIA Z11

Design The Nubia Z11 may not have the most eye catching or original design, but it’s still a good looking phone that features a solid build quality. The device basically features a rectangular slab design, with a full metal unibody construction that puts its build quality at par with a lot of current generation flagships. […]

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